Bridal Gowns for Church Wedding Ceremonies

If you plan not only register your marriage officially, but also organize the wedding ceremony in the church, there are special requirements for the bride’s dress. The image must correspond to the church and Catholic / Orthodox canons, i.e. you should look composedly. To achieve this type of appearance, you can use a wedding dress with a closed area of the neck, shoulders and back, sleeves or a cape bolero on the shoulders. Thanks to the imagination of different wedding designers, the wedding dress appropriate for wedding in church does not seem strict and boring – it looks gentle and elegant.
Closed Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

A wedding dress with a closed top can be complemented with the longest sleeves. They are made of lace or lace fabric, and will suit the ceremony at any time of the year. More dense texture version will be a good solution for autumn or winter weddings. In combination with the classic mood of the wedding image, long sleeves look not too restrained, but very elegant and beautiful.

Long sleeves combined with a high neckline will not look too strict if the wedding dress is made of fabric with expressive texture. A large lace with a floral or abstract pattern will be an ideal decoration for a wedding dress.

Bridal Gown with Long Sleeves and Small Neckline

Long sleeves can perfectly balance a small neckline of a wedding dress, especially if the image complements the brevity and severity of the cut with a straight or fluffy skirt. The length of the sleeves should be maximum to balance a slight décolleté. It is better to use a cutout is a classic V-shape, which looks very elegant.

Wedding Dress with ½ Sleeves and Small Neckline

A small cutout on the chest, which will be elegantly decorated with a dense or openwork fabric, can be quite appropriate in a wedding dress. This dress should be without flashy draperies, color transitions and details and should not strip the bride’s legs.

Open neckline should not be too frank and vulgar. The dress with the top, where a small neckline is decorated with expensive lace, looks best. In this case, the length of the sleeves on the dress should be at least up to the elbow.

Closed Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

Elegant boat shaped neck and neckline closed with a translucent or dense texture make the wedding dress appropriate for the modest wedding. Small sleeves maintain the mood of the image. Moderate sleeve length is ideal for the ceremony in the warm season.