Why TYLT’s Mini Boom Is The Best Wireless Speaker For The Beach

You do not need to have movie theatre speakers set up in your home if you want a concert-like experience. With the Mini Boom speakers from TYLT, your favorite music will sound clear, no matter where you are listening. Head over to TYLT where you can enjoy better deals and service.

Mini Boom Allows You to Enjoy a Concert-Like Music Experience

The best Bluetooth mini speaker will be able to offer perfect audio sound, regardless of where you are enjoying your favorite music. The Mini Boom is the perfect speaker for any type of music, as it can provide perfect sound from any room in the house. Each speaker is equipped with a 3W sound output and Bluetooth 4.2.

The TYLT Mini Boom Speakers are about a quarter the size of your smartphone, but they offer tremendous sound power. You can personalize the style of your speakers, as they come black, grey or gold.

The Party Lasts Longer With Mini Boom Speakers

Theportable Bluetooth speakers from TYLT are perfect for your social events, as they can last for four hours after being fully charged. The micro-USB cable recharges the speaker’s 300 mAH battery. The narrow design of the portable speakers allows you to enjoy them at home or on the road.

The speakers serve dual functions, as they allow for you to answer a call or talk to your phone’s assistant. You can always stay connected when it comes to the portable mini boom speakers. You will never have to disconnect your speakers when they are charging.

The Mini Boom speakers from TYLT offer outstanding sound quality and plenty of style as they come in a variety of colors. When you are looking for speakers, these should be your first and only choice.