Reasons to Buy Handmade Designer Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry in department stores, it’s often difficult to find unique jewelry that reflects your style and personality. As these shops tend to follow what’s trendy and popular, seeking out unique pieces can be made easiest by going down the route of buying handmade accessories.

Handmade designer jewelry has been making waves in the past few years, and this isn’t really surprising. Offering something truly individual, different and unique, these beautifully crafted pieces are simply like no other. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider buying handmade designer jewelry, and incorporating it into your individual look.

It shows your personal style.

If you want to stand out, then following what is popular isn’t really going to do much to help you achieve this goal. Handmade jewelry pieces are often unique, and the limited number of similar designs means that you’re not likely to see others wearing the same piece.

Handmade jewelry offers superior quality.

If you are looking for jewelry that will last a long time, then it’s worth going for handmade jewelry. Made by skilled hands and using high quality materials, these are not mass produced, with each piece meticulously handcrafted and designed to last for many years.

You support your favorite jewelry artisans.

If you are buying directly from jewelry designers, you are supporting them directly and more profit is going straight to them rather than to jewelry store chains and department stores. By cutting out the middleman, you’re also allowing yourself to save money as a result.

With markups in department stores of around 100%, buying from the jewelry artisan themselves saves you money by avoiding these ridiculous increases in price. At most, you’ll end up paying an additional 25-50%.

Handmade designer jewelry are great conversation starters.

Thanks to the uniqueness of handmade jewelry, it calls attention and inspires connection. These pieces can be great conversation starters, so whether you’re attending a family gathering or a corporate event, a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry will likely make it easier for you to converse with other attendees.

They are pieces of art.

Unlike the same simple styles of ordinary jewelry, handmade pieces arguably enjoy an identity as pieces of art, thanks to the creative energy, care and attention that goes into their creation.

They make the best presents.

As handmade designer jewelry is unique, they make excellent gift ideas. Perfect for a relative, a close friend or a lover, one of these pieces makes a truly memorable present, and can be ideal to mark an occasion.

They are valuable.

Because a handmade piece is made with personal attention and meticulous work from the artist, it has more value than mass produced jewelry. The artisan spent a huge amount of his time designing, shaping, and perfecting it, and this is something that store-bought jewelry can never compete with.

When you buy directly from a jewelry artisan, you are supporting their business and their art, and at the same time, you’re also saving money because these talented individuals do not overprice their creations. Moreover, when you deal with the artisan directly, you can maintain good relations with them that may come in handy in the future. For example, if you need custom jewelry for a special occasion such as a wedding, a child’s birthday, and other milestones you can simply contact the artisan –  they’re likely to be more than happy to fulfill your request.

With custom designer jewelry, each piece is handmade. No machines were used in the process, and you’re also assured that the maker uses only sustainable and ethical practices. So if you’re planning to give a gift to a loved one, a friend or for yourself, consider choosing handmade designer jewelry, for an item that carries a promise of human skill and creative individuality.