4 Best Vaporizers Explained – Winner G Pen Pro

Vaping is a powerful tool that not only helps people kick the dirty habit of cigarette smoking, but can be used as a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, as well. Smoking any material consists of lighting it on fire and then inhaling the smoke that is produced by combusting the material. Smoke, whether it is tobacco or cannabis smoke, contains impurities and carbon. When you vape, however, your material never reaches the combustion point. Instead the material is heated to what is called its vaporization point. It is at this temperature that the material becomes vapor, a pure alternative to smoking. This means you aren’t inhaling any of those unwanted compounds found in smoke.

Each vaporizer comes with a method of heating. This is either going to be convection or conduction heating. Convection heating is the process where hot air is blown over the concentrates or flower to heat it to its vaporization point. Conduction heating means you place the material directly onto the heating element to get it hot.

So if you are in the market for one of these vaporizers or are looking for a new way to dab using a vaporizer pens, take a look at a few of the ones VaporPlants.com recommends to you.

G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro by Grenco Science are top of the line vaporizers for herbs and wax. Ready to fire in only a short time of 60-90 seconds, the GPen Pro is a quick solution to all of your vaping needs. It comes with different temperature settings so that you can be sure you are in complete control of the taste and duration of the session each time you use it. To purchase the G-Pen Pro, please see VaporPlants and use coupon code VP5 at checkout.


The DaVinci Ascent is a vaporizer that allows for use of dry herbs, wax, and oils of cannabis. The Ascent vape is portable and lightweight for on the go use equipped with a three hour battery life. DaVinci vaporizer has programmable temperature settings and a ceramic heating chamber for a smooth, clean hit every time.

Dr Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a well-known vape intended for use with waxes and oils specifically. Dr Dabber features a couple of vapes in their line, the Aurora and the Ghost. The Ghost comes with a titanium heating element and is a low heat vape for better flavor and potency. It is easy to use and delivers premium vapor. The Dr Dabber Aurora is for thicker oils and comes with 3 heat settings. It is ready for use in an astonishingly short 4-5 seconds and comes complete with a lithium ion battery, and Snaptech magnetic technology, along with 3 different atomizers depending on what you are using them for.


The Atmos RX brand line comes with a number of different vaporizers to choose from. These range from the Atmos Boss, which is considered one of the best dry herb vape pens out there, to multifunctional Atmos vaporizers such as the Atmos Ole which allows use of wax, oils, and flowers. Their ease of use, portability and stylish, versatile nature make the Atmos RX line a hit.

No matter what your reasons are for switching to a vaporizer for your cannabis needs, you can find the right vape for you, as each one comes with a load of unique and helpful features. Convection or conduction, VaporPlants.com offers all of the vape pens shown here and many more. Visit the site for a detailed description of each vaporizer to see which one best fits your needs today!