Trendy Pendants to Give to Girlfriends: A Buyer’s Guide

Jewelries have always been the most preferred gift to girlfriends. Different accessories have different meaning. A pendant, for example, is a symbol of the things the wearer treasures. It is used to acknowledge your girlfriend’s interest. If you really know her, you’ll have little trouble finding that little (or big) piece of pendant for her.

You might be thinking of giving her a luxury pendant, and it is not at all a bad idea. However, you have more choices than opulent jewelries. Take a look at the graph below. You’ll notice that the demand for luxury pendants has been at an all-time low for seven months. That does not mean that they are no longer trendy, though.

Luxury pendant trends

If you’re still keen on giving your girlfriend the best statement-making piece of jewelry, then you should know exactly how to buy the right kind of pendant.

Explore different colors.

You know what’s sweet? Knowing your girlfriend’s birthstone. This will make the pendant more personal. Also, it will save you time picking out what kind of stone will go well with her. However, you should be careful when doing this. You want the stone to match your girlfriend’s skin tone as well. If she is not a big fan of horoscope, then you need to choose another color which is significant to her. It can be her favorite color. You can also base it on the color of her eyes. Now, a blue pendant for your blue-eyed girlfriend is a great choice!

Consider your girlfriend’s style.

What kind of clothes does she wear? How would you describe her other jewelries?  You need to consider her style above all else. That’s why it’s tricky to ask advice from someone who does not know her. If you are bad at picking jewelries, ask someone really close to her, like her mom or her best friend. What you want to avoid is giving a large, attention-grabbing, hot pink pendant for a woman with a conservative style. If she loves the unusual, then she might appreciate the latest avant-garde designs.  

Think about the event.

You can also base the design of the pendant according to the occasion. If it’s your anniversary, you can give her one half of a couple’s pendant. During Valentine’s day, do something special by giving a locket with a personalized message inside. If it’s her birthday, you can consider giving a pendant with her initials. If you want something timeless, go for something classic like a minimalist heart pendant.

Ask her opinion.

If your girlfriend knows what she wants and does not joke around when it comes to fashion, then you might as well ask her what she likes. This way, you will not be wasting your money on something that she will not get to wear. However, this move is tricky as it removes the surprise. If she is sensitive about gift giving, then don’t do this unless necessary.

Final Thoughts

Be the best boyfriend you can be by buying the best jewelry for your girlfriend. Admittedly, choosing one can be stressful. However, the stress is a small price to pay for the smile you’ll get when she smiles, seeing your gift.