The advantages of smart watches

Watches have their functional use, which is obviously to watch time. They are the best way to make a person punctual and to make him learn the value of time.  It has been proved by research that people who wear watch can be much more responsible and punctual then people who never have worn in their whole lives. Watches can be symbol of style and personality of the person. Technology has improved very much in last decades. In 18th century, people were used to keep pocket watch to know time. Then time changed and people start making wristwatches with straps and chains. After sometime manufacturers started making waterproof watches so that people can wear them while there are swimming or taking a bath. Technology has improved more with time and now watches are not just watches, they have become smart watches. There are many companies, which are making smart watches but people are still not used to of wearing smart watches because they are not aware of their benefits.

Answering calls

Different smart watches have different way to call handling. Some watches can let the person receive the call by the watch but to talk and listen, he will have to use headphones or earphones. However, there are some watches with built-in speakers and microphones so that a person can talk and listen through the watch. This way one cannot talk about something private and personal. It is best for small calls.


People want to remain updated with their social accounts all the time even when they are doing things like running, driving or biking. Many people use mobile phones to check their notifications when they are driving and that can cause serious accidents. In facts, in past decade many people have lost their lives because they were using mobile phones or some other person was doing the same. People cannot simply remain away from their social accounts and to make thing easier, manufacturers have added the feature of notifications in Smartphone’s. So now, there is no need to leave the steering wheel or bike’s handle to check notifications. A person can check it from his watch just as he can check the time.

Internet of Things        

A smart watch has almost all applications of a smart mobile. A person can listen songs but he cannot watch videos on smart watch because of a very small screen.

Social protocol

People do not give a though but it actually look bad when they use their mobile phones when they are in company of other people. It can be very rude and ill mannered. It can give a very bad impression if you are among your bosses or other important people but if you are checking your watch no will give any attention.

No matter how things change, and how many different reasons can be there to use watches. The sule purpose will remain the same forever and that is to watch time. If you want to give a gist to someone special, there is no other most functional and stylish gift than watches. Some people love chained watches but some like watches with leather straps. You can purchase all designer men’s leather strap watches from PICTO.