Is an Engagement Ring in Your Near Future?

If you believe that an engagement is in your near future, you likely have a lot of thoughts in your mind.

For starters, are you in fact ready to take this next big step in your life?

As many women can tell you, the experience can bring both jubilation and anxiety.

So that you find peace with the decision, be sure to think things through.

Sure, you’re excited that the man you love proposed to you. That said are you both ready to commit to one another and plan a wedding?

When thinking these things through, take all the time you need.

Remember, a commitment of living together is a big deal, so make sure everything feels right about it.

Rings and Wedding Bells

If you are ready to get engaged, the biggest question on your mind is will your boyfriend be at the same stage in life?

Having both people on the same page is crucial as any relationship looks to take this next big step.

Among the areas of discussion:

1.Engagement ring

Do you want to be in on which engagement ring he selects for you?

Whether he opts for Front Jewelers or another brand, there’s a good chance you want a say in which ring it is.

It is not uncommon for women to not only go ring shopping with their man, but also select the ring themselves.

The main goal here is that you are both willing to discuss any “issues” that may arise about the ring. From the shape and color of the diamond to the price, always keep the lines of communication open.

You also want to be sure that your man doesn’t overspend on the ring.

As much as you would like the ring of your dreams, having him go into serious financial debt isn’t good for both of you.

Come up with a budget for the ring and do your best (both of you) to stick to it.

2.When to live together?

Once you have your engagement ring, the next item of interest may very well be living together.

Sure, some couples live together before there is ever an engagement ring in the picture. Others, meantime, wait to make it official. Often, making it official means getting married (see more below).

Always remember the seriousness of committing to live together.

Among the decisions to mull over:

  • Where to live?
  • How much to spend on a home or apartment?
  • How to divide chores around the home?
  • Do you look for a starter home or one you hope to be in for many years?

While the engagement ring is a big deal, so too is choosing to live together.

3.Walking down the aisle together
If the day comes to walk down the aisle together, it will likely be one of the happiest days of your life.

Given all the plans involved, make sure both of you have your fair say on what takes place.

Although the day is generally thought of as the bride’s special occasion, the groom should be happy too.

If money is an issue, there is no reason not to scale back on your plans. It is better to save some green and not find yourselves with a big debt at the end of the day.

Among the topics to cover:

  • Have a traditional church wedding or an outdoor service?
  • How many people (and which ones) to invite?
  • What to spend on food and drinks?

As with the ring and living together, planning the wedding far in advance shouldn’t be a problem.

Be sure to listen to one another with what you each want. When communication remains open, you should have no problem planning a ceremony.

So, are you ready for all these exciting events to take place in your life?